Unwed Parents

In the state of Ohio, unmarried parents resolve all issues regarding child custody, parenting time, parenting plans and child support in the Juvenile Court system.  While child support is, for the most part, based on guideline calculations as set forth by the state of Ohio, custody matters and specific parenting time arrangements and schedules need to be individually crafted and appropriately addressed to insure your child’s best interests are protected. 

Either parent may initiate Juvenile Court proceedings to establish paternity of a child, or to obtain appropriate orders for parenting time, child support and other child related issues. 

Our family law attorneys regularly practice in the Juvenile Courts of northeast Ohio and are confident in guiding you through the legal process of custody rights and child support, while answering all of your questions and concerns.  Our attorneys represent not only parents in Juvenile Court matters, but have secured grandparent visitation rights and are routinely selected as Guardians ad Litem to protect children’s interests in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Courts.

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