Collaborative Divorce

The collaborative divorce method is a relatively new, and highly innovative, development in family law.  The process offers you a non-adversarial approach to divorce in which you and your spouse work as a team with trained professionals to resolve disputes respectfully, privately, and without going to court. In a collaborative divorce each spouse has the support, protection and counsel of his or her own attorney but none of the destruction of a traditionally litigated divorce.  

In the collaborative divorce model, spouses and their collaboratively trained attorneys enter into a binding agreementcommitting to resolving all issues without litigation. If settlement fails, the collaborative attorneys must withdraw from any further representation. This makes the collaborative divorce model unique and commits the spouses and their attorneys to the process (remember, the issues in dispute won’t be any easier to resolve in the court house).  

Issues between you and your spouse will be resolved through a series of meetings. These meetings will include the clients, their attorneys and, if needed, other collaboratively trained professionals who will make up the core team. Your team will work together to help you reach a settlement that incorporates the goals of both you and your spouse. 

We welcome you to contact Tanja Holecek, partner in charge of the Family Law practice and member of the Cleveland Academy of Collaborative Professionals, to explore this innovative divorce model.