Divorce and Dissolution

You enter into marriage confident and eager to begin your new life with your spouse. Regrettably, sometimes circumstances change and couples grow irretrievably apart. Whether via dissolution of marriage or litigated divorce proceedings, the end result is the same – the end of your marriage. 

In a dissolution proceeding, spouses resolve all of their issues before any documents are filed with the court. Their written agreement must include the resolution of all of their property, debts, child support, spousal support (alimony), and parenting issues. A joint Petition for Dissolution is then filed with the court and one hearing is scheduled (where the court reviews the agreement of the spouses). Dissolution proceedings are “no fault.” The final hearing is scheduled between 30 and 90 days after the Petition is filed with the court. 

Divorce proceedings are, by nature, adversarial.  They are started when one spouse files a Complaint for Divorce against the other spouse. While the vast majority of divorces are settled without trial, the average divorce can take up to a year to resolve. 

Divorce litigation can be complicated, stressful, and damaging not only to you, but to your children. Our family law attorneys recognize that there are times when litigation is inevitable and, in fact, necessary to protect the individual client. However, we are committed to working with you to not only navigate the often complex unraveling of your marital estate, but to help you choose the divorce process that is best for your individual situation.