Reviews and Testimonials

"We were approached by an organization interested in purchasing our company and merging it with theirs. After many, many years of being a Cleveland family-owned business, it was time to transition ownership into new hands. Knowing that we had to get a law firm to represent our selling-side of the transaction, the first call we made was to Wegman Hessler. Wegman had served our family and business well, in personal and business matters, for years. Wegman Hessler truly shined in the way they represented our side during the deal.... Whether its estate/trust planning or M&A business-services needs, Wegman Hessler has never disappointed."


Vice President of a Cleveland-area printing company

"Making the decision to take legal action is difficult. It's even more difficult to relive and define each moment in time, knowing you did the right thing...hoping others will see the truth. I felt supported, heard, and most of all safe with my representation by Chris Holecek and the team at Wegman Hessler. They are thorough, detailed, communicative, and empathetic. They've done it all before! You can trust them to help you make the right move."

Cheryl M.
Wegman Hessler client