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The full-service business law firm of Wegman Hessler Valore in Ohio is committed to providing comprehensive legal services and solutions for organizations, business owners, and their families on a long-term basis. Unlike more traditional transactional firms, Wegman Hessler Valore focuses on tight partnerships to deliver exceptional business value.

In our 50-plus years serving closely held international companies and as an attorney for family businesses focused on creating value, Wegman Hessler Valore delivers unmatched excellence in corporate legal counsel. Areas of expertise cover all aspects of corporate law, including business transactions, commercial development, manufacturing, distribution, succession and selling, warrantying, protection and the global expansion of our clients’ business and interests. We are known for apply legal discipline to solve business problems, at a fraction of the price of larger firms.

From initial start-ups to complex restructurings or financings, our business lawyer team represents manufacturers of industrial and consumer products, professional service firms and distributors, among others.

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How a Business Attorney Can Help

Strategic Lawyering

At Wegman Hessler Valore, we're known for providing a strategic approach to business law matters, offering a holistic perspective to help set your business, partners and family up for success.

Connecting the Dots

Our experienced, integrated legal team helps to connect the dots within your business operations, taking big-picture, comprehensive approach to grow opportunity upside.

Minimize Risk

We help owners take a proactive, thoughtful approach, applying legal discipline to business matters to improve outcomes and minimize  the likelihood of future risk.

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