Business Succession Planning

Every business owner, at some point, is faced with the inevitable decision about what to do with their business. Should I sell my business? How does my family legacy continue? What happens in the event of my death or disability?

We are here to help. A business succession attorney familiar with these concerns, like those on the team at Wegman Hessler law firm, can offer counsel to business owners so that thoughtful decisions regarding the continuity of a business can be made, especially as it relates to preserving business value.

Our business succession planning attorneys develop tailored business succession plans designed to ensure that your goals are achieved, and your concerns are relieved. Your business succession process begins with an exploration of your objectives and ambitions. Our attorneys then work with you to develop a personalized succession plan which will help you prepare for unforeseen events that could impact your future, as well as the next generation.

Strategic Lawyering

At Wegman Hessler, we're known for providing a strategic approach to business law matters, offering a holistic perspective to help set your business, partners and family up for success.

Connecting the Dots

Our experienced, integrated legal team helps to connect the dots within your business operations, taking big-picture, comprehensive approach to grow opportunity upside.

Minimize Risk

We help owners take a proactive, thoughtful approach, applying legal discipline to business matters to improve outcomes and minimize  the likelihood of future risk.

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