Intellectual Property

Managing an IP portfolio can be a challenge for manufacturers and creators alike. Registering, managing and protecting intellectual and creative assets in the U.S. and across the globe requires legal discipline. Without it, you risk undo expenses and, worse, losing exclusive rights to what's yours. With it, you increase the likelihood value and appreciation of those assets, along with fiscal predictability and confidence.

The Intellectual Property attorney group at Wegman Hessler Valore represents all types of clients in securing and enforcing domestic and international intellectual property rights through patent, trademark, and copyright protection. 

Our attorneys are experienced in all areas of patent and trademark law including opinions, prosecution, counseling and licensing. We are registered to practice in the United States Patent and Trademark Office and possess a variety of technical degrees and background experience to represent clients in many technological areas.  

Working closely with clients, we provide maximum protection for inventions, processes, brands, and other valuable intellectual property assets. Additionally, we advise clients on the introduction of new products and brands into the market. 

We take great pride in understanding your industry and business goals while leveraging our experience to provide meaningful protection and value.

When you need attorneys for intellectual property near Cleveland

Trademarks and patents are important assets and deserve thoughtful protection. At Wegman Hessler Valore, our Intellectual Property Attorney group takes a proactive approach to IP management, to minimize expensive surprises. As experienced business litigation attorneys, we are committed to providing the highest caliber of legal service for the individuals and organizations they serve.

Nathan Hessler Attorney

Getting started with a Cleveland Intellectual Property Attorney

We help make getting started with the Cleveland Intellectual Property firm attorneys as easy as possible.

Here is a look at the typical client onboarding process.
It starts with a phone call.

  1. Review and onboard the existing IP portfolio
  2. Docket each element of the IP portfolio noting families, dates and deadlines for annuity payments and renewals by country
  3. Serve as the repository for pertinent documents (e.g., prosecution history and ownership) related to each active patent and trademark
  4. Work with each new client to analyze the existing IP portfolio and assess the extent to which the IP portfolio covers their business
  5. Assist with prosecuting patents and trademarks
  6. Administer the payment of annuities (patents) and renewals (trademarks)
  7. Address ongoing IP related non-prosecution matters (e.g., cease and desist letters, potential infringement, validity claims, clearance opinions, patentability opinions, etc.)
  8. Monitor IP filings of competitors