Licensing and Technology Transfer

Businesses often wish to allow third parties to use intellectual property, while still maintaining ownership. One way of doing this is through licensing and technology transfer. Our intellectual property attorneys work with our clients to fully understand their business and technical goals before entering licensing and technology transfer negotiationsEquipped with this knowledge, we then effectively negotiate and prepare technology transfer agreements involving copyrights, patents, trademarks, trade secret licenses, research and development, and non-disclosure agreements. 

Our intellectual property attorneys also help researchers and scientists with technology transfers and have experience working with both public and private organizations.  We have experience negotiating and drafting license agreements on behalf of licensors and licensees.  Our attorneys are skilled in negotiating and managing the intellectual property issues that arise with mergers and acquisitions, including associated intellectual property due diligence. 

When you need an IP attorney for licensing

Trademarks and patents are important assets and deserve thoughtful protection. At Wegman Hessler, our Intellectual Property Attorney group takes a proactive approach to IP management, to minimize expensive surprises. As experienced business litigation attorneys, we are committed to providing the highest caliber of legal service for the individuals and organizations they serve.

Charles A. Hayes