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Protecting the Ones Who Matter Most: Wills and Estate Planning for Young Families

Becoming a parent for the first time is an amazing thing. Along with months of preparations and special moments, this is also a time of reflection—thinking more seriously about the…

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Remote Online Notarization: What you need to know.

Electronic and online services have been on the rise as a result of the pandemic. Wegman Hessler has vastly expanded these services to our clients, including remote notarization services. If…

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How Ohio Courts Determine Custody Issues

Determination of custody, parenting time schedules, and decision-making power with regard to a couple’s children are the most difficult issues couples face in their divorce, dissolution, or custody proceeding in…

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New Year, New Beginning? January is the Unofficial “Divorce Month”

Every January traditionally sees a spike in divorce filings. Most family law attorneys recognize January as an unofficial “divorce month” with filings trending upward 25% to 30% during the month…

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The New Reality of Spousal Support Under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Effective January 1, 2019, a new era was ushered in for family law practitioners, clients, and anyone finalizing their divorce or dissolution. The impact of the new tax law on…

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The WH Legal Press – September/October 2019

In this issue read more about:

Blockchain – The Future of Law

The New Reality of Spousal Support Under the Tax Cuts and Job Act

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Unwed Parents

In the state of Ohio, unmarried parents resolve all issues regarding child custody, parenting time, parenting plans and child support in the Juvenile Court system.  While child support is, for…

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Spousal Support and Child Support

Your child’s well-being is your primary concern during your divorce process.  But just as significant is financial well-being – your financial well-being as well as that of your child.  Together…

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Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement is a legal contract between a couple engaged to be married.  It is best to negotiate the terms of the agreement and to have the document signed…

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Divorce and Dissolution

You enter into marriage confident and eager to begin your new life with your spouse.  Regrettably, sometimes circumstances change and couples grow irretrievably apart.  Whether via dissolution of marriage or litigated divorce proceedings, the end…

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