Trust and Estate Administration

Whether assisting clients in their fiduciary roles or acting themselves as Trustee, Executor, or Administrator, our Estate Planning and Administration attorneys will help you navigate the complexities of the estate and/or trust administration process. We assist you in determining the nature, extent and value of a person’s assets and liabilities, and ensure the eventual distributions to the proper beneficiaries.

The way assets are categorized on the date someone dies dictates whether the asset is required to be administered as part of an estate through the local probate court. Our attorneys work with our clients to help make the decisions necessary to distribute a person’s assets properly. When a person’s assets are titled in the name of a Trust, the administration process is handled by the named Trustee, often without the involvement of the probate court. Our attorneys assist Trustees, Executors, and Administrators, with their legal and fiduciary responsibilities throughout the administration process, including:

  • Identification and notification of beneficiaries
  • Preparation of partial and final reports and accountings
  • Coordination with tax and investment professionals
  • Evaluation and management of creditors’ claims

Our attorneys have the experience, knowledge, and expertise to see our clients through the administrative process efficiently and successfully.

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